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Multi-purpose cleaner for general cleaning
Max Ammonia is a multi-purpose cleaner for removing grease, grime and stains from kitchen and bathroom surfaces including work surfaces, tiles, windows, mirrors, enamel and chrome. Ammonia also cleans crockery and silver. Contains 9.5% ammonia in solution.
Directions for Use ›
For multi-surface cleaning add 1/4 of a bottle (125ml) to every gallon (5 litres) of warm water. Rinse and dry thoroughly after cleaning. For laundry dilute water by adding 2 tablespoons (30ml) of Ammonia to every gallon (5 litres) of water. Soak for a short time and then rinse thoroughly. See bottle for full directions for use and always follow the safety instructions.
More Information ›
For further details on Max Ammonia or any other Max products please contact us or visit the Max FAQ.
How to Buy ›
Please visit the how to buy section for information on how to purchase Max Ammonia and other Max cleaning products.
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